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Make Your Permanent Mark


Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

John F. Kennedy

So what is Public Tattoo?

Simply put, Public Tattoo is about ideas.

In a world full of 'things', it's time we spent some time on 'thinking'.

Pause for a moment. Identify the problem.
Think. Innovate. Create.

With a focus on conceptualisation, idea generation, innovation and technology integration, Public Tattoo is a unique blend of strategic thinking, creative ideology and tech engagement. We seek to develop solutions to problems in the past, in surprising ways.

Built on a foundation of decades of marketing industry knowledge, Public Tattoo seeks to challenge your thinking, shift your ideas to how a problem can be solved and create an impact where ever we go - making a permanent mark.


Making your Mark!

Inherent in every leader is the desire to leave a mark. It is a natural instinct. A built in drive. Part of the fabric of what makes a leader just that...a leader.

Public Tattoo was developed to leave permanent marks everywhere. To do so, it starts with its own leader...

Meet the Imagineer

Scott Robinson is the mind behind PUBLIC TATTOO - a unique constancy dedicated to problem solving.

With his unorthodox approach and unbridled passion, Scott is a unique beast. Creative yet analytical, crazy yet calm, he exudes energy and is infectious by nature.

While his LinkedIn profile will provide you with a clear snapshot of his remarkable achievements in a relatively short amount of time, Scott is not someone you read about. He is someone you experience.

So as you would expect, Public Tattoo is anything but ‘just another consultancy’. Designed to impact, to challenge and to leave a permanent mark on your future.

With access to an international array of contacts to collaborate on each and every project, Scott builds creative custom solutions to each new challenge. Hand selected to match the brief, Scott's innovative process of problem solving results in unique blends of talented people combining to deliver the solutions that are required.

Isn't it time you made your mark?



The willingness to change. The willingness to accept a new approach. The willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

Public Tattoo knows that to use the same thinking that created the problem in the first place is flawed and only ever leads to the same result. Problems require new thinking. True innovation.

As our world continues to increase its pace of change, new thinking is required to solve each problem. At the core of Public Tattoo is a formula based upon strategy, creativity and technology - the golden triangle if you will.

Public tattoo can bring high octane thinking and energy to projects for the development of innovative solutions and launch powerful ideas. However, the willingness to change must come from you.

You must be willing to be challenged.
To think in new ways. To test and be tested.

To stand out in the crowd, you must dare to be different. To make a permanent mark, you must dare to think in a whole new dimension.


More about you and less about us.

So how can you be the most out of Public Tattoo and what can it do to impact upon your business, organisation, party or community?

Every problem is different. To have a cookie cutter approach to solving a problem is failed before you begin. Therefore this is less about a process and more about tools that can be accessed as required to develop the best possible solution to the problem.

Problem Solving

Problems are a natural part of lives. How we solve those problems is what dictates the outcome. This begins with identifying the real problem. Not the surface problem but the root cause. This requires honesty, transparency and trust. No one said it would be easy.

Public Tattoo is independent to any execution. As such, our motivation towards any particular solution is purely driven by the desire to solve your problem, delivering you the best possible outcome. We are not swayed by the prospect of adding value to our own pockets.

Simply put, if you have a problem, let’s talk. Let’s solve it. Let’s think three dimensionally and turn the can’t into cans.


Contemplating, deliberating, articulating, rationalising, reflecting, abstracting or which ever way you put it, there is now a need, more than ever for us all to appreciate the value in the currency of ‘thinking’. There is a definitive art to thinking creatively. To sift through the rubble of challenged information and discover the golden nugget - the kernel of an idea.

We all think differently but the key to the success that Public Tattoo can deliver is its style of thinking. You’ll be surprised how obscure dots are connected in new and creative ways to deliver a new outcome.

The value of thinking is not about time. The value is in the idea itself. So whether it takes 5 weeks or 5 seconds, ideas should always be measured by their value.


At the heart of each and every human connection is communication. Through the creative formation of words, colours, aromas, melodies and textures, we evoke emotion; we draw energy and we build loyal and meaningful relationships, which connect us.

In commercial terms, this connection is between you and your stakeholders, customers, teams and the wider community.

Today we have more vehicles than ever to deliver communication. It’s fair to say we’re overloaded. Understanding people is critical. Understanding the delivery mechanisms is critical. Speaking the language is critical.

If no one is listening, it’s not about talking louder, it’s about developing the conduit to engage. It’s about spending more time listening and less time talking about the problem and more time developing solutions.


Technologies omnipresence has created a digital environment that simply cannot be ignored. But why would we want to ignore it anyway? All too often, people become so focused on the technology itself and forget it is nothing more than a medium. A vessel to deliver content.

Truly understanding how technology works; appreciating its ability to engage - to harness its power and use that power to immerse people in your story.

Yes, it’s about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It’s about Artificial Intelligence and Smart Phones. These are all just the latest vehicles and mechanisms. They form part of the mix. They are not the only tools in the shed. And like most tools, they work best when integrated with other tools. A craftsmen selects his tools carefully. Each having a purpose.

Integration of technology is important in today’s world. But it is more about how it’s applied than the tech itself. It should be used to harvest and build communities, share stories, create immersive experiences and drive connections.


The word ‘strategy’ immediately conjures up thoughts of long documents full of diatribe, charts and big words regulating in a door stop that tends to consume space in your bottom draw.

When we talk about strategy, we’re not talking about a document. We’re talking about strategic thinking. And not your typical strategic thinking either but a blend of left and right brain thinking that integrates creativity and innovation. While having an analytic understanding and appreciation of the problem is critical, single dimensional thinking does not provide the depth by which to develop an effective solution.

Understanding your direction, your strategic focus, your drive, is all fundamental to developing the solution. It’s the science behind the art.


Long has this been described as“the way things happen around here”. Culture is at the epicentre of every organisation. It is the light; the energy; the engine; the power.

Without understanding this aspect, it is tantamount to performing open heart surgery with a blindfold . Blind luck rarely delivers the most ideal outcome. Shifts in culture take time and often significant change. And while there are many times where the culture needs to be challenged, it is always easier to work within the bounds of the existing culture. However if the culture is the problem, then this is where the strategy needs to begin.

Whether it be that internal staff do not ‘get the memo’ from the Executive, or customers receiving a different message to the experience they felt was promised, the communication process or execution is often the cause.

But this is not about changing the communication . It is about ensuring that the execution and the process match with the culture.


So is this pretty much all Public Tattoo can do? Not by any stretch. This is nothing more than a broad outline of how Public Tattoo can generate impact. You're not going to get the full picture from just reading this website. While it's a good start, nothing beats sitting down over a coffee or a beer and talking face to face. So let's make that happen.